Discussion: 3 in 4 Adults used to play sports, but now only 1/4 do. What can we do as PE teachers to change this narrative?

For this blog post I wanted to discuss and talk about an article about the decline in sports participation in adults compared to adolescents. This one statistic is a huge reason I do not teach a huge sports based curriculum but rather a fitness based curriculum with sports intertwined where appropriate. This statistic and allContinue reading “Discussion: 3 in 4 Adults used to play sports, but now only 1/4 do. What can we do as PE teachers to change this narrative?”

Introducing Fitness Components in PE

How to combine knowledge and physical activity for this mini unit. This blog post will include an exact example of what I do in my class to introduce the unit over 2 (90 min) class periods. At the very beginning of class I ask students “Are physical activity and exercise the same thing?” I usuallyContinue reading “Introducing Fitness Components in PE”

Starting the School Year Off in PE

Policies, Procedures, and Team Building Oh My! As we all get set to head back into our gyms/classrooms soon, or maybe you already have, we are all analyzing our policies, procedures, and ways that we build relationships with students. As an educator there is ALWAYS room for improvement in all of these categories. Each newContinue reading “Starting the School Year Off in PE”

FOREEEE! Why you should add GOLF into your PE curriculum.

In my opinion, Golf, is one of the best “sports” that allows individuals to participate for a lifetime. The sport can be modified for age or injury, while still allowing those individuals to participate and be active. Although it is a sport, there are options that allow you to golf, but not necessarily play aContinue reading “FOREEEE! Why you should add GOLF into your PE curriculum.”

Overcoming Barriers to Physical Activity and Exercise

We all have things that keep us from exercising, whether that be every once in a while or all the time. Those “things” that keep us from meeting our exercise goals are called barriers. Sometimes those barriers are valid, and sometimes they aren’t. Sometimes we just need the tools and the creativity to think outsideContinue reading “Overcoming Barriers to Physical Activity and Exercise”

Teaching PE Content Knowledge While Being Active

I am a big believer of delivering KNOWLEDGE and information to my High School PE students that will help them throughout their life. I have very specific things I want them to know, some of those being: recommendations of amounts of physical activity, bone and muscle names, types of flexibility exercises, nutrition information, health topics,Continue reading “Teaching PE Content Knowledge While Being Active”

How I Used “Common Sports Injuries Station Activity” in My Classroom!

How I Used “Common Sports Injuries Station Activity” in My Classroom! This activity came about when I was looking for a way to teach my high school students about common sports injuries and prevention. I couldn’t find anything I thought would work, so I created my own activity. Using it has gone so well, andContinue reading “How I Used “Common Sports Injuries Station Activity” in My Classroom!”

What to do about students who can’t participate?

I am going to start this blog post off by saying there are very few instances where students cannot participate in any manner in my class. The only situations I can think of would be an injury and their doctor has written them out of PE for a certain amount of time. Other than thatContinue reading “What to do about students who can’t participate?”

Project Based Learning (PBL) in PE

I remember when I started working at my school I didn’t really understand what PBL was or how much I would come to LOVE using it in my classes. Over the last 4 years I have come to appreciate how PBL can help my students understand what I am trying to teach them. Throughout thisContinue reading “Project Based Learning (PBL) in PE”