What to do when the gym is taken for other activities?

Having the gym taken for other school activities can be STRESSFUL! It seems to always come at a time where things are moving along well in the gym and bam(!) you can’t use it for a day or so. Some of my most stressful times as a teacher have been trying to figure out whatContinue reading “What to do when the gym is taken for other activities?”

How to Teach about Resistance Exercise in PE

It is no secret to any of my students (current or past) that my absolute favorite unit to teach is the unit on RESISTANCE EXERCISE. In the beginning of the year when we talk about the units and things we will discuss it’s hard to hide my love for this unit. I spend the mostContinue reading “How to Teach about Resistance Exercise in PE”

What PE Equipment Do I Need? and How Do I Get It?

I remember before I began teaching researching what equipment I would need for my PE classroom/gym. I found a lot of helpful information for younger kids, but don’t feel like I found a lot for the older kids. That may be because most of them just want to play sports, but I want to beContinue reading “What PE Equipment Do I Need? and How Do I Get It?”

Student’s Idea of PE versus the Reality

When I became a PE teacher it wasn’t my first professional job. I came about being a PE teacher through an alternative route after having another professional career for about 10 years. I knew coming into teaching that my methods and ideas of how to teach Health and PE would be different that the wayContinue reading “Student’s Idea of PE versus the Reality”

To Fitnessgram or not to Fitnessgram (or other fitness testing)

This blog post is one that I feel very passionately about, so be warned I will be giving you my opinion. This is my personal opinion and it does not reflect all PE teachers, my school, or anyone else. These are just my views on fitness testing in PE. If you aren’t aware, the FitnessgramContinue reading “To Fitnessgram or not to Fitnessgram (or other fitness testing)”

One of my favorite units and activities to teach…MINI COUCH TO 5K

My philosophy in my classroom is to teach students activities they can do FOR A LIFETIME. Walking/jogging is one of those activities we all hope we can do for a long long time, no matter our age. During my Cardiorespiratory Unit my classes (all freshman in high school) do a mini couch to 5k program.Continue reading “One of my favorite units and activities to teach…MINI COUCH TO 5K”

My PE Philosophy and Structure

In my previous post I explained that my education and training wasn’t in education, so when I began teaching I was doing it from scratch. The teacher at my school before was no longer here, there wasn’t much equipment, and I was the only teacher in my department, and I also did not have aContinue reading “My PE Philosophy and Structure”