Classroom Activities

Head Shoulders Knees and Toes
  • Head Shoulders Knees and Toes
    • Equipment Needed: cones, dice
    • Directions: Students line up across from each other with the cone between them. Teacher (or student helper) calls out heads, shoulders, knees, toes in whatever order they wish. Once they say “GO” students race to pick up the cone first.
    • Modifications
      • Add dice activities- student who failed to pick up the cone must roll the dice that corresponds with an exercise. You can make this even more specific and have the exercises all be one type- strength vs cardio vs. flexibility etc.
      • Have students line up at opposite ends of the gym and run to the cone in the middle on the go. You could always change this up and have them doing different locomotor movements like lunges, frog hops, high knees etc. to the cone.
      • Every few reps- switch partners like musical chairs
Pick a Path Fitness!

Pick a Path Fitness Warm Up Activity- I like to use this as a warm up activity as students are entering the classroom. It allows for student choice and they usually love seeing how other students choose to build their own warm up.

Full Name Warm Up! Have students spell their full name as a fun warm up activity! You could get creative and have them spell a word or phrase of the day!

Draw a Card Fitness! Have students draw cards. Each card corresponds to an exercise. For example, if they draw a 8 of diamonds they would do 8 jump squats. If they draw a king of any suit it’s 30 of that exercise so on and so forth. You can change this activity in so many ways!

Pi Day Fun!
For this activity you will need the google slide, the muscle labels, and the question cards. All are downloadable below!

Buy a Muscle Activity!

This was really fun! I set up an area like I was a “bank” and they had to come to me to purchase each muscle. I had them designate one person to be the person they labeled, but made sure they had that person label themselves so there was no touching going on. That person was the only one exempt from the activities. The others in the groups had to buy the muscles with the activity or answering the questions. I had about 4-5 groups per class. When a group thought they were done I would go check and have them unlabel the things that were wrong. I didn’t use all the muscle names (like the ones for quads, hamstrings) instead I just had them use Quad’s/Hamstrings since I didn’t think that would remember vastus lateralis etc 🙂 I could be see this being super fun if I had made a sign for the bank and dressed up like a banker or something too! 

as well as this Google Slide: and the free download below!