Most Used Items and Products for PE

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Pencils for my Prize Box
Bean Bags for SO Many Activities!
Fit Decks- There are so many but these body weight ones make it perfect for limited equipment.
Foam Dice- the possibilities are endless!
Stretching Straps- perfect for flexibility activities. Comes in lots of colors.
These pouches are amazing for holding all the things. Worksheets and manipulatives you need together.
Playing Cards can be used or so many different activities. I use these FREQUENTLY!

PE Clothing and Accessories

Hooded T shirt- so comfortable and comes in a lot of colors
Dupe status leggings- these are capri length but this brand has all lengths
We all know that one student….
The best PE shirt to exist.
I don’t wear my rings to school and these silicone ones are the best!
Storage Clipboard

Books and Continuing Education for PE/Electives

Spark- The book that helped revolutionize my teaching.
I use this book for my Yoga Classes.


Basketball cut outs for “swish list”, bulletin boards, etc

Prize Box

These are some of the items I use in my prize box. Kids LOVE it!

Pencils for my Prize Box
Basketball Pens
Sports Pencils
Stickers! Make sure you always look through your big packs of stickers. Sometimes there’s 1 or 2 I may not want the kids to have.
Croc Charms. Always a hit!