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Hello! I am so glad you dropped by today! If you are looking for my recent blog posts you can find them all by following the link in the upper right hand corner 🙂 You will find blog posts related to teaching PE and blog posts related to all things wellness, personal training and health.

My name is Kaci Elliott. First and foremost I am a Mama of 2. They are my whole world and I cannot imagine my life without them. This is my 4th year in the classroom, teaching 9-12th, after leaving a previous career. I also coach basketball and have athletic director duties at my school. I am also an ACSM certified personal trainer and AFAA certified group fitness instructor. I provide in person training sessions as well as being an virtual personal trainer.

I am starting this blog, and TPT journey to share my love of doing things inside my classroom (gym) differently than I experienced. For me to begin to explain my physical education philosophy, I need to give you my background and why I have taken this step in my journey.

“Today, you’ve got a decision to make. You’re gonna get better or you’re gonna get worse, but you’re not gonna stay the same. Which will it be?”

-Joe Paterno

Blog Posts…

Cosmic Bowling in PE

If you are looking for a new activity that every single one of your PE students will love…then COSMIC BOWLING is the activity you need. I have never done any activity where kids were as excited as they were over this. I have never had so many students tell me how much they enjoyed an…

Discussion: 3 in 4 Adults used to play sports, but now only 1/4 do. What can we do as PE teachers to change this narrative?

For this blog post I wanted to discuss and talk about an article about the decline in sports participation in adults compared to adolescents. This one statistic is a huge reason I do not teach a huge sports based curriculum but rather a fitness based curriculum with sports intertwined where appropriate. This statistic and all…

Introducing Fitness Components in PE

How to combine knowledge and physical activity for this mini unit. This blog post will include an exact example of what I do in my class to introduce the unit over 2 (90 min) class periods. At the very beginning of class I ask students “Are physical activity and exercise the same thing?” I usually…

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