What PE Equipment Do I Need? and How Do I Get It?

I remember before I began teaching researching what equipment I would need for my PE classroom/gym. I found a lot of helpful information for younger kids, but don’t feel like I found a lot for the older kids. That may be because most of them just want to play sports, but I want to be able to do other things with them so my equipment needs were different. I have compiled a list (with links where possible) for my must have equipment for high school PE.

Other important needs

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Now the even bigger question is, “how do we purchase all of these things?”. I have been very successful at using Donors Choose. Set your goal small, that way you are more likely to get your project funded. Put together items that may go together in a unit and have those be one project, then later do another project with other items. Put your project in your signature of your school email, this is very successful with me! Post to your social media. Make sure in all your posts you state exactly how students will use the equipment, donors want to know what they are purchasing. Make sure to capitalize on any promotions that Donors Choose is doing, sometimes they will run promotions for doubling donations and other things that will get your project funded quicker.

At my school I am lucky enough we charge a “locker fee” for each kid taking PE. That $5 fee adds up and stays in a PE budget account for me to use as I need. That is all that I get from the school for equipment, so everything else I have purchased, have had donated, or have gotten through donors choose.

Check to see if your school’s PTA or even Booster Clubs offer any grants towards purchasing equipment the school needs. If so, apply for it, even if you think you won’t get it! The amount of research that shows more active students are better students is a great selling point for those grants.

Have a local Wal-Mart? They are wonderful at offering grants in my part of the country. Check with yours to see if they offer the same. Most years I can count on them for at least $500!

Good luck getting all the equipment your heart desires!

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