About Me

I graduated from the University of South Carolina with a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science with a minor in Psychology. Right out of college I began working at a local health club and physical therapy clinic. There I would assess clients and get them adjusted to the weight equipment. After some time there I studied and earned my ACSM CPT (certified personal trainer) certificate as well as my AFAA Primary Group Fitness Instructor certification. I began training different types of clients from school age athletes to the elderly who just wanted to live a better quality of life. I then earned a promotion to Health Club Director and ran all the things associated with the gym as well as marketing for the whole business. I loved my job, but I had always had a want to be a teacher. To impact the lives of youth and get them to understand WHY they need to be active.

Fast forward to some time later. I was having dinner with a friend and she casually mentioned their school was looking for a PE teacher for the upcoming school year. She knew I had been interested in teaching and encouraged me to apply. I did, of course never thinking I would get it because my background isn’t in education, nor had I really even thought about leaving my current job. Shortly after the interview I was offered the job and had to give them an answer within 24 hours. I thought on it and said “if I don’t do this now, do I ever get the opportunity again?” So I took the job and started the next school year. With the job came having to earn my teaching certificate, which I did through an alternative program in my state. I am happy to say after 3 years I officially earned it!

Fast forward to more time later and I am again training clients and helping them on their wellness journeys while still teaching full time.